New Pages Up!



Hey everyone! New art up! Be sure and check out all the new pages through the Comics tab at the top of the screen!

Also, all art is for sale and can be purchased through!

A Little While Ago, At a Desk Very Near By…

   Hey there! Here is a brand spankin’ new picture I did for a comission. You may or may not recognize the baddest bad guy in history, Darth Vader getting his Dark side on. Secretly I’ve always wanted to do a Vader pic and it was fun to try some science fiction subject matter for a change.

Soap box

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my brand spankin’ new site! I’ll be posting up new stuff pretty regularly so if you like what you see, expect much, much more!

Here is a piece I did for the Periodic Heroes blog over at There you’ll find a handful of awesome talent who weekly post incredible images of everyone’s favorite costume clad crime fighters, so don’t be a stranger!